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Past and Present

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TES Present

Toone Elementary School educates children in grades pre-kindergarten through eight.  Students who live in Toone, Cloverport, Silerton and surrounding areas may attend Toone School.  The school serves as a feeder school for Bolivar Central High School. The current facility includes a gym with a stage, a library in a portable classroom, a pre-k classroom in a portable classroom, a computer lab, a kitchen, a dining room that accommodates ninety people, eighteen classrooms, four sets of restrooms, a large playground and a pre-kindergarten playground.

Toone School  has an enrollment of approximately 270 students.
             -  Grades Pre-K - 1 are self contained. 
             -  Grades 2 - 8 are departmentalized.
             -  All students have classes in library, guidance and physical education.
             -  Students participate in art, music and computer instruction in homeroom class.


TES Past

Toone School can be traced to community owned/operated schools with records before the 1920’s.  In 1928, the property for the present school was deeded to the county board of education, who took on the management of the school at that time.  At that time there was segregation in the school system, and Toone North Side was an African American school located in a separate facility.  Toone School was originally a high school, but was changed to a 1-8 school in the early 1960’s.  In 1966, Silerton School was closed, and the students were absorbed into the population of Toone Elementary School.  Around 1968, a kindergarten class would be added, and Toone North Side was merged with Toone School to form the present Toone Elementary School.  The structure present in 1928 was razed in the late 1930’s and replaced by a two story wooden structure.   The current building was built in 1950, with additions made in 1968, 1979, and 1998 as the needs increased with changing populations and changing class size limits.

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Health & Safety Protocols

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Contact Information

Toone Elementary School
160 Neely St
Toone, Tennessee 38381
Phone: 731-658-5606
Fax: 731-658-9880

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